Vayuvu putra..Pavana putra..Anjani putra.. Hanuman  jayanthi celebrations missing..

RBM DESK HYDERABAD: Hanuman, the son of vayu- god of wind and Anjana- a celestial nymph is among the main characters in the Indian epic Ramayana. He is known as a powerful god who crossed the sea to reach Lanka for saving seeta devi and also brought Sanjeevani parvat for saving lakshmana. He is the Lord who is worshipped all over India.

Every year after sri rama navami hanuman jayanthi is celebrated. This is one of the important festival among all the hindu festivals. From children to elders everyone love this festival. This is a colourful festival on which youngsters are seen more interested and excited. People decorate temples, roads and public areas with orange flags, flowers and lights. Some areas will be arranged with stages for conducting programs related to hanuman. On this day in all the temples pooja will be done all over the day from morning to night. In some temples Annadhan will be done, people reach temples, attend pooja and have annadhana food as prasad. After pooja people start rally by placing hanuman idol in the rath with a parade, they start from the temple and cover all their nearby areas with music and dances. Every year this day will be celebrated grandly with a unity by the hindu people in all the states of India.

From this two years being a pandemic year Hanuman jayanthi celebration is not seen on the roads and public areas. People are doing pooja at their home and few of them are reaching temples but all the other celebration is been missed from 2020.

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